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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  February 17, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EST

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welcome back to fox 45 earl edition. i'm patrice harris. maryland was under a blizzard last week. frederick and garrett county schools have decided to close again today. frederick and garrett county. now here is a look at the schools that are open but opening two hours late. anne arundel county, baltimore city, baltimore county, caroline, carroll county schools are opening two hours late along
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with he cecil, harford, howard, kent. charles county schools are opening one our late this morning. whenever there's severe weather tune in to fox 45 morning news. our morning news ticker will have at latest closings, traffic and delays. that ticker updates automatically when we get new information and it even runs during commercials. and we will go to meteorologist steve fertig and you say there's snow in some of our regions and they could get a lot. >> only garrett county. i do not want to overemphasize that, because garrett county will get significant snow. don't be surprised if you see snow showers out there, but at the bus stop, here is the good news, patrice. the schools opening two hours late, instead of 26 degrees
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heading out the door. >> i'm seeing 29 degrees, that's not a big increase. >> they will head out in 29 degrees by the time they head out to school. that will make it feel like it's 26, so it will feel like it's reading right now. temperatures are at 27 in baltimore, and 28 in salisbury, 30 in hagerstown. 19 though in oakland. you see that one, wow! 18 is what it feels like in baltimore when you factor in a little bit of a wind. a 5-10-mile-an-hour wind is going to make it feel chillier. there's still that spinning motion off of new england where we're seeing snow falling there. for us, just a few snow flurries with some the ripples of energy moving around as far out as we are compared to the coastal low. a west wind at 10-15 miles per hour. gusting to 30, it will be cold and breezy. another chilly day even if we don't see a lot of snow out there, a few snow flakes moving from time to time. candace dold is here with the
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traffic edge. >> reporter: thank you, steve. we had a lot of annoyed drivers yesterday, especially people moving through baltimore and the secondary roadways. we already have trouble this morning. we have an overturned park at park heights avenue at woodland avenue. crews are also there trying to remove snow. so that is going to be an all, too fac familiar for scene for y people this morning. as far as the jfx north of north avenue, in fact, here it is just a few cars traveling there in both directions. we will keep our fingers crossed and hope that that does persist for at least a little while. once you approach the beltway, the outer loop lanes from 83 up toward 795, looking at a normal ride. 8 minutes, now at 53 miles per hour. and at 54 miles per hour, with an 11-minute ride from 95 making the push up toward 83 traveling through baltimore so far no problems to report on southbound
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85, from the harbor tunnel to 95, 9 minutes at 52 miles per hour. that's a look at the morning travels, patrice, over to you. it's back to work and back to school this morning and signs of the stir can be seen on the roadways. so far this week, the morning rush has been more of a morning stand still. megan gilliland is live overlooking the jfx with a look at how things are shaping up and i'm betting once the buses and the kids and the parents are back on the roads it's going to be pretty. >> reporter: well, patrice, we will have to wait and see. it sure wasn't yesterday and that was without all of those buses. so far this morning, pretty good but it's still early as the morning continues. it's expected to look just like yesterday, jammed up and that is expected to be the scene through friday. >> it's taking me about an hour to go three miles, it hasn't been good. >> reporter: many of these drivers are heading back to work for first time this week since
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the blizzards hit. the sheer numbers is enough to holdup traffic alone, not to mention that many of the roads across our region are still down to one lane because of -- >> snow block in the lanes. with the snow mounds you have to be very careful pulling out.. >> reporter: strapping on the shoes and leaving traffic in their dust. unfortunately these delays are expected to last a while or at least until the snow melts and with 50 inches, that could be a while. live from the jfx this morning, i'm megan gilliland, fox 45 early edition. megan said it, the snow may be taking a long time to melt but dujts to dea budgets to deae snow have evaporated much quicker. joel d smith is live with the numbers and the next road safety
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challenge which is what, joel. >> reporter: you know, of course, it's the potholes. ticks that shakthe things that r as you are going. we found one at cold spring road. that looks like a monster. it takes a lot to fix those and refix all the potholes around the area. when you consider how much has been on snow removal. there's one right there. carroll county will exceed its clean up budget of 1 point $7 million. baltimore city has exhausted its budget of the $3.5 million. and baltimore county, before it's all over, could reach $20 million in clean up costs. that includes repairs to a few hundred pieces of exi equipmentt cost a lot. drivers know that the pot holes will be a concern for a while. >> it could make for a lot of
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potholes to spring up with the spring flowers. we will be doing pothole repairs. >> reporter: in facebook it's a huge topic. tracy brieman says, fort wood road, heading to 695, ridiculous. i wonder if the city will pay for my tires, struts, and shocks anything i else i may need. >> yes, it's terrible, i got two flats because of them. >> reporter: it costs a lot of money to fiction your ca -- x your car. we know that you have them because in the 42 minutes that we had this up on facebook yesterday, 42 comments. patrice, definitely people are talking about hot holes. joel d smith. police charge a 19-year-old with possession of child pornography. stephen brought his computer to a repair company, and workers
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there contacted investigators after discovering suspicious videos on it. he is now facing 53 counts of possession of child porn. police took frank lamb, william pierce, and justice kaiser into custody. they say the men stole from the units back in december and january. they were caught after they discovered that one of the suspects rented his own storage unit so he would have where to put the stolen property. a baltimore city police officer finds herself on the wrong side of the law accused of obstructing justice. investigators say lieutenant joe an volker approached attorneys in a drug test and warned the defendant not to take a plea deal that was on the table. she allegedly told them that the case was going to be dropped. she also posted bond in a second case involving the same man. >> this admnistration has proven
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that we are committed to hoedin- holding people accountable and policing ourselves. >> in this particular case, it became clear that an officer not associated with this arrest directly or through a chain of command became involved with conversations with the defense attorney as well as the prosecutor. >> the lieutenant was transferred after the investigation started. if internal affairs determines she broke the law, she will end up on a do-not-call list, meaning she can't be called to testify. it could result in? casein some casesbeing thrown o. maryland speak of the house wants to reduce the number of kids getting involved with gangs. michael bush wants them to report students to school officials. it would help administrators get a heads up on potential gang issues. he wants to come up with a statewide policy that would see teachers trained on gang intervention and prevention.
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coming up new or almost new? >> it's just like the difference between a little bit of polish and a couple of years of polishing. >> where you might be ab t ableo cut a few corners. cold and breezy today with the temperatures starting in
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you picked the couple and all the details of their wedding. now you can watch them get married. it's our we wedding in a week contest brought to you by wedding, fox 45, and the baltimore bridal show arthur and teaira were supposed to tie the knot last friday, but because of all the snow, they will be getting married live on fox 45 morning news, this friday, february 19th. so be sure to tune in as they say i do in front of all of baltimore. >> i'm so looking guard to it. -- gored t forward to it. but meteorologist steve fertig is here to talk about snow. love train is what they
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refer to themselves our couple. as we look at the sky hd radar, we are bringing in more moisture and producing moisture. sky watch level 2, is showing as we look a little closer that there's more activity in some locations than others. this is ripples of energy moving around the low level center had a off the new england coast. you can see around queen ann's county more so dissipating as we speak. points west we have seen around i-70 toward hagerstown and frederick and you can see that there's a little bit of activity there, a little bit more, snow showers pop up from time to time in the day. it's not going to be that uncommon with the ripples of energy moving through. the area that really has the greatest ric risk of any kind of accumulation in garrett county where the schools have been closed as a result of accumulating snow. could see 8 to 12 itche 12 inchw
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possibly in that part of the state. everywhere else talking about a dusting but nothing in the mountains to the east. here is what we have in the watch areas, warnings area for garrett county, under had a winter storm warning until tomorrow morning at 6:00 p.m. because of the possible accumulation in the highervationhigherelevations. you can see it up here with the spinning motion, bringing more snow up there. with us, more showers as the pieces of energy as we get the upper level disturbances that produce the possibility of he snow in spots. we get the northwest winds becoming more westerly around the upper level low and we get also again a couple of flurries with it, as i mentioned but the winds making it feel chillier. expect a 10-20-mile-an-hour wind gusting to 30. the blue veil area and further points west around the appalachian mountains where the accumulation will be. the high pressure fills in for
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next few days. we keep an eye on the low pressure center. we're going to talk about a few things with high pressure to the north and west of us. we're going to have the influence as far as the pressure of this system. this system will stay as to moves to the east. it will bring a chance of snow showers for sunday into monday perhaps, and even into early tuesday, but it will bring light snow showers we think because of the high pressure to the south and it's staying to the south. it doesn't look that way now. of course, we will keep an eye on it for you. 27 degrees for the temperature as you head out the door this morning in baltimore. 26 in washington, 28 in salisbury and back to the west where it really is the greatest risk of any snow accumulating there, oakland, 19 degrees, big difference. winds out of the southwest right now in some spots, though in baltimore that is the case. generally it's a westerly flow, 5-10 miles per hour and that will make it feel like 18 in baltimore, 22 in hagerstown, only 18 degrees in oakland, and down to salisbury 21.
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we expect temperatures to climb an extra degree today, and 38 should do it for the high in the eastern shore where we could have a little bit of rain or snow mixing in from time to time. 15-20-mile-an-hour winds gusting to 30. 37 degrees for the high with again, a couple of snow showers on and off or flurries perhaps. 10-15 miles per hour gusting to 30 out of the west. for the western part of the state, temperatures there cooler, 55 degrees the higher elevations upper 20s with the 15 to-20-mile-an-hour wind gusting to 30. 10-15-mile-an-hour winds gusting to 35. breezy and cold, moving through the day today, 37 degrees starting out, 26 degrees starting out heading toward the 37 but not until after we get to 34 at noon. the 37 comes at 1 or 2:00 this afternoon. and backing up to 34 tonight just a few flurries from time to time. 40 for tomorrow, the same for friday with partly cloudy skies, the same for high on saturday with a high of 42.
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40 degrees and a chance of a few snow showers o on sunday night into monday and as late as early tuesday. fox watch sky watch weather is available at your finger tips. you can use fox 45 powerful doppler radar to track incoming storms. the interactive tools will let you see when the snow or rain is over your house. go to and click on iradar. candace dold is here to check the roadways with the track edge. >> reporter: thanks, steve. it's been a hectic ride this weekend. we want to show what it looks like moving on the cold spring lane corridor. here it is moving on falls road. you can see there's already a few cars that are starting to gather at the light there. unfortunately a little bit of a slick ride so this is going to be the case as you do head out the door. unfortunately and that volume will probable le probably only e quickly from here as you probably know. we do also have a few trouble
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spots to talk about, an overturned car in fact on park heights avenue. that is right at woodland avenue. crews are also in that area with snow removal equipment trying to get that out of there. so we will continue to keep you up-to-date, but again, it is going to be an a all too familiar scene. in fact, we already have now snow crews working on green street at franklin street and that is a pretty busy interception there. we although monitor the -- we will monitor the conditions there and let you know. there's a few cars that are filtering in on the southbound lanes and the northbound stretch as well. but then on 95, we are looking at a pretty tranquil ride right now moving through the fort your whole family will love
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and three times more very satisfied customers than comcast. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. who doesn't want the newest, hottest products on the market. many retailers will tell you that some products are just as good news than new. and in some cases they're even better. jeff able puts the products to the new or used test. >> this is a bass. it feels pretty nice. >> reporter: brian reis is on a musical mission, trying to find a feel on the right gu gui.
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>> i don't need anything that is new. >> reporter: he has come to the home of hundreds of new and used guitars. a place where the manlie managet will tell you that a guitar as good as a new one. >> the wood may be settled. >> reporter: these two electric guitars are identical, one is new and the other is 2 years old. we gave both of them the veteran guitarist mark. it didn't take long for him to select the favored instrument. >> this one. >> reporter: the used instrument that costs $200 less. >> the difference is a little bit of polish and a couple of years of polishing. >> reporter: because little goes wrong with musical instruments, used is better. this trumpet kel sells for almot
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$1,000, the used one $382. >> that's too good of a deal. >> reporter: there's many items which retailers say are safe bet for buying used. >> this would be the example of a used weight versus a new weight. like you say they weigh the same. >> reporter: you can save more than 40% when buying used equipment at play it again sports which in many cases won't get much use anyway. and preused golf clubs will save you a bundle. >> you are 50% of a new price. >> reporter: tools items are reconditioned before they are sold and the savings are drastic. cds and dvds as long as they're not scratched, used ones sell for far less. designer accessories, they may be high-end. cribs should be bought new. only the new ones have the
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latest safety features. and computers. used ones could have a safety problems. >> you could get on the computer and have things pop up. >> reporter: most any electronic items from big screen televisions to digital cameras, used ones are riskier ones. >> the lifespan isn't real good. repairing isn't all that easy and new stuff is getting cheaper and cheaper every day. the bargain is not there. >> reporter: at bill's music house they're still selling far more new items than used ones but musicians are learning there's a way to play and save. jeff able, fox 45 morning news. coming up later on fox 45 morning news, bringing an end to bull helyinbullying in school. the legislation one state lawmaker is
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good morning, everybody. here is your first look at sports. baltimore be of good cheer. despite the three feet of snow we have been dealing with, spring is definitely on the way. we have proof and here it is. pitchers and catchers report to the new oriole spring training headquarters in sarasota today and hold their first workout on thursday.
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the centerpiece of the complex is smith stadium and feeding 7500. the white sox were the original occupants, and then the reds and now the orioles. at least one of them is taking advantage of the new site. pitcher orohara was seen working out but it was at the minor league facility at twin park, as they are secureying to get ed smith ready. they have instituted a new poly after brett hurt his shoulder. a member of the oriole staff will be present during all commercial shoots. he sprained his shoulder and will be missing 10 days of spring practice. wong went 1-6 with an era around 10 and the ball for the yankees before undergoing
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surgery on the pitching shoulder. they expect wong to make his first rehab start sometime in may. in vancouver where weather has affected more olympics. officials postponed the race because of a heavy over know fall. the race will be run on sunday. the u.s. hockey team played its first game, defeated switzerland. bobby ryan got started with the first period goal. david bacchus, started with the second, team usa faces norway on thursday. blake spent the past three years with the trailblazers and
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averaging 7.6 points and 4 assists per game this season. the 3-point assist guard will back up davis. he helped to lead maryland to the 2002 national championship. that is the morning sports. i'm bruce cunningham. fox 45 morning news. getting through the snow has been pretty difficult for most of us, but if your tires were 5 1/2 feet tall, even those blizzards wouldn't have been a problem. monster trucks are on their way back to baltimore. monster jam freestyle mania will be at the mariner arena friday 26 through february 28th. you can inwith a family 4 pack from us, just be the 10th
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